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1. The broker meets with you to determine the type of valuation required
2. During the meeting, the broker will assist you in the completion of the Company Profile information needed for the valuation
3. Once the Company Profile has been completed and the financial documents obtained, the broker mails, faxes or emails the package of information to the third party Valuation Analyst
4. The Valuation Analyst will review the documents and begin the valuation. During this process, if the Analyst has any questions or requires additional information, he will contact the broker to obtain them
5. The valuation process for a Letter of Opinion, Value Analysis or Limited Formal will take 5-10 business days once we have the required financial information, a completed Company Profile and all questions have been answered. The M&A and all comprehensive reports will take 4-6 weeks due to the complexity of the valuation
6. At the 5-7 business day timeframe, the Valuation Analyst will issue a preliminary review of the valuation. This review is crucial to the final report. It assures that all details have been considered and allows for any adjustments in case of new information or further clarifications
7. Once the review with the broker has been conducted, the Valuation Analyst will finalize, print and mail the final valuation report
8. The broker will receive two hardcopies and an electronic copy (if requested) of the final report. He will then forward the report to you via the 2-3 day express mail by the post office. Overnight FedEx deliveries and additional copies are offered for an additional cost
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