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Business Valuations
In today’s advantageous market, many business owners still leave substantial money on the table when they sell their companies – most often because they do not truly have a handle on their company’s value. For this reason, the valuation process is a true asset to business owners and a thorough, professionally prepared valuation will assist them in:
Identifying the key value drivers, major strengths and weaknesses of the company, allowing the owner to solve both obvious and hidden problems prior to the selling process.
Determining a reasonable selling price. Many owners rely on general rules of thumb, casual advice from friends or other similarly unreliable sources to determine a value for their business. Such values may be either too high or too low. Unless the business owner goes through the valuation process, he or she just won’t know the true value of the business. If the owner’s expectation of value is too high, it will prolong the selling process until a price concession is made. If the price is too low, money is left on the table.
Fully understanding the value of the business which, in turn, will be useful during negotiations. In this market, one can expect buyers to be sophisticated and experienced. They will conduct a rigorous analysis of the company even if the seller has not. They will look at those factors and value drivers that the owner and his advisors should consider in valuing the company, and they will use that information against the seller in negotiations.
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