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SunbeltNE is a SBA financing facilitator for business purchase financing. We work nationally in coordination with business buyers, owners and brokers in securing SBA loans and commercial loan financing for business purchases between $100,000 and $5,000,000. Over the years, we have helped many entrepreneurs with SBA loan financing for their businesses. We work with multiple lending institutions and with key contacts within those financial institutions that specialize in this type of financing.
Timing is critical in financing a business purchase – many business buyers referred to us have lost out on deals because they were either too late in seeking finance or they went to the wrong lender. Since we have the right contacts, we'll get you the best rates and loan structure in the least amount of time – we've done it for number of business buyers.
Business Buyer / Business Purchase / Financing / Consulting Assistance
We will:
>> Pre-qualify you before you make an offer on any deal
>> Pre-qualify you before you make an offer on any deal
>> Have your information on file at all times for fast reference
>> Identify weaknesses in potential future loan packages and correct them
>> Consult with you on all potential deals for financing feasibility
>> Submit custom loan packages to our long term contacts to be approved
>> Assist you throughout the entire financing/loan process
Business Owner / Seller Financing / Consulting Assistance
We will:
>> Pre-qualify your business for business purchase financing
>> Inform you of the best way to structure your deal to cash you out
>> Identify potential buyer characteristics for financing that you should screen for
>> Provide information, forms and data needed to complete financing

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