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Sunbelt Business Consulting
Preparing your company for sale is an ongoing process and the key to that preparation is implementing strategies that will have the greatest impact.
SunbeltNE professionals have a wealth of experience to assist you in enhancing the value of your company or preparing your company for maximum sale value. When selling a business, intense preparation and planning is imperative. Just as a novice mountain climber would never tackle a mountain without a guide, a business owner should recognize that an experienced consultant and well thought-out exit strategy are keys to a successful transaction.
>> Preparing the Business for Sale
>> Salability Assessment

splat Buyer Pool Analysis
splat Business Valuation
splat Impedance Diagnostics

>> Identification of Value Drivers

splat Revenue and Customer Analysis
splat Operational Capabilities and Profitability

>> Analysis

splat Balance Sheet Review

>> Value Optimization Recommendations
>> Implementation Monitoring
>> Implementation Consulting
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