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SunbeltNE, in partnership with various franchise organizations across the U.S., offers great franchise-buying opportunities to prospective buyers. Our commitment to meet your franchise buying requirements is complete and we will stop at nothing to assist you. We therefore offer you a no-cost personal consultation which will help you determine if buying and managing a franchise is the right decision for your career.
Franchise Sales within the U.S.
>> Total franchise sales in 2000 were over $1 trillion
>> Nearly 50% of all retail sales are through franchises
>> Franchises are currently doing business in 70 business verticals
>> 8 million people are employed by franchises in the U.S., with 5 to 14 employed per franchise
>> Franchised businesses create more than 170,000 new jobs each year
The Trends
>> Economic slowdown and skepticism about job security is driving the growth in franchising
>> The franchise industry is breaking away from the "Mom and Pop" industry of the past and is being replaced by corporate executives
>> Of all franchises today, 50% are multiple unit owners
Franchise Growth
>> 1 in 12 business establishments is a franchise
>> A new franchise opens every 8 minutes of every business day
>> There are approximately 3,300 franchisors and over 500,000 franchise units in the U.S.
Success Studies
>> The U.S. Commerce Department says that fewer than 5% of franchises were terminated on an annual basis
>> According to a study by Arthur Anderson & Company of 366 franchise companies, nearly 97% were still in business after 5 years
>> In contrast, a study by the U.S. Small Business Administration revealed that 62.2% of all new businesses failed within their first 6 years of business
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