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Health Care Practices

The health care industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. It contributes directly or indirectly to other industries, giving them a boost and supporting the economy. It is also an industry which provides a high source of income to professionals and businessmen.
  • In 2006, considered as the largest industry, health care accounted for 14 million jobs in the U.S.
  • Of the 20 fastest growing occupations, 7 are health care related
  • It is predicted that between 2006 and 2016, health care will generate 3 million new wage and salary jobs, more than any other industry
  • Treating practitioners are the most educated workers
Health care practices include clinics of dentists and physicians, independent pharmacies etc. Such establishments are a source of huge income to the owners. Buying or selling a health care practices is hence hugely popular amongst the medical community as well as businessmen.

SunbeltNE, with years of experience of buying and selling health care practices has a huge database of both buyers and sellers of health care practices. We can hence help you realize your dream of owning a profitable practice or selling your well-established practice to the ideal buyer. The following are the listings for health care practices for sale with us:
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